40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday

So as I am preparing for my last holiday of the year before winter presents itself - I am faced with the dreaded task - PACKING. Packing is the BAIN of my life. I am someone who try's on her whole wardrobe before a night out, only to revert back to her original outfit again. … Continue reading 40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday


My bargain makeup must haves! 

So it is no secret as I have openly admitted many a times that I am not your makeup savvy girl!  However, I am a bargain buyer, and I love buying makeup! (Even though my skills can be immensely improved!) I'm sure most of us not only love a bargain, but love makeup! And as … Continue reading My bargain makeup must haves! 

Stop allowing other people to control your happiness! 

Happiness & being happy. Something we all want, something we all need and something we all should have and be.  Yet so many of us are allowing others to control our happiness. We allow other peoples actions to affect us and our moods.  Yes life comes with it's challenges, and it is not always going … Continue reading Stop allowing other people to control your happiness! 

The struggles of being a GIRL!! 

Before you start reading just wanna make a quick disclaimer that this post/video contains chat of PMS, Vaginas, Hairy Legs and a hella lot more TMI.  This week has been some what of a draining, emotional and irritable week for me. I have questioned why I am a girl about 25389291 times and have muttered … Continue reading The struggles of being a GIRL!! 

Travelling Australia || Video Montage! 

Hey Guys!  So I have been feeling a bit BLAH this week, so I thought I would reflect on my Travel Footage, looking back at these memories strikes a feeling of happiness in myself and I still feel so lucky and blessed to have had these experiences!  I lost so much footage along the way … Continue reading Travelling Australia || Video Montage! 

There is no set timeline in life! 

There is no book handed to us at birth telling us what we should be doing and by what age we should be doing it. There is no must's and must nots! And no rules to follow. We are the dictators of our lives and can have anything we want and can equally avoid what we … Continue reading There is no set timeline in life! 

10 Reasons why you should Travel solo! 

Travelling itself is an amazing experience  but there is something extra special about solo adventures! I went alone and in doing so I learnt so much! 1. You are more open to meeting new people - When you travel with a friend, it is easy to stick to what you know! You are less likely … Continue reading 10 Reasons why you should Travel solo! 

Makeup & Lingerie – Bargain Buys! 

Since the weekend is nearly upon us, (thank you Jesus lord) - I thought I would reflect on last weekend, and share my Sunday bargain purchases with y'all. Consisting of Makeup, lingerie, more makeup & more lingerie. Who Am I?! I think subconsciously I am trying to unleash my inner sexy, that seems to have … Continue reading Makeup & Lingerie – Bargain Buys! 

Join my Newsletter!

Hey Sugars, So it is no real shock by now to any of ya'll that I have a passion for writing & over sharing huh? I just cannot help myself when it comes to sprinkling positivity, empowerment & happiness onto my fellow beings! So I was sat there thinking, how can I blab my mouth … Continue reading Join my Newsletter!

Primark Mini Haul! Holiday shop! 

Hey Sugars!  So as we all know from previous posts & YouTube videos - I am a sucker for a bargain! (I cannot help myself)  I genuinely think if I ever became a millionaire (if that can happen now, that would be great) - I would still be snapping up bargains. It's an addiction, I … Continue reading Primark Mini Haul! Holiday shop!