Poms & Fluff!

Some people have a thing for bags, some for shoes, some for purses (my mum is legit a serial offender of buying purse's) ...My thang is FLUFF! I am becoming more & more obsessed with all things Pom, Fluffy & Furry! Disclaimer: Faux Fur Guys, I'm not about that animal cruelty life! 😡😷 I have been on … Continue reading Poms & Fluff!


‘Jeans & Nice Top’ – My forte! 

I came across the above quote the other day and I was like THAT IS ME! Like I have NEVER related to something more. The only difference being, its not always jeans, but it is some sort of trouser/short complimented by a nice top combo! Nice tops, are legit my saving grace when it comes … Continue reading ‘Jeans & Nice Top’ – My forte! 

The Mask Of Death….

Two weeks ago, much to the amusement of just over 32.k people on facebook, I tested out the Black Head remover mask - which I have renamed the MASK OF DEATH. So since people have watched the vid (if you have not - click here:YouTube ) I thought why not give you my in depth review … Continue reading The Mask Of Death….