Lunching at Comptoir Libanais

Do you ever eat food and catch feelings for it? Yeah me too. Often. And Comptoir libanais is the root cause of those feelings.

I’ve visited this quirky place twice now. The first time I met up with my friends for lunch and my coffee quickly escalated to a bottle of a wine (ok, 4 bottles of wine) 2 of which was kindly gifted to us by the Manager – probably because we spent half the day in there. By the way guys, drinking on a Sunday when you have work at 8am the next day is not something I recommend (not cool, not cool at all)

Since that visit I have literally craved the food. (Don’t tell me cravings are not an emotion because I feel it in my soul!) So yesterday I decided to take a little train ride and put my cravings to rest. Insert dancing happy emoji.

Firstly I love the location on Broadgate Circle, especially when the sun is shining. It’s such a chilled atmosphere and is literally outside Liverpool Street station, so if like myself you do not venture out much and have no sense of direction, it is easily found.

The food is so amazing and colourful (I have a thing for colourful food) that I literally just sit in silence appreciating each bite. I highly recommend the Mezze Platter to start, it was UNREAL.


I am not really a meat eater. I should basically be a vegetarian, I am really funny with meat but sometimes I crave it (I know, makes zero sense to me either) but looking at the menu I was really feeling the Chicken Kofta. OK, I was not just feeling it, I needed it in my  life, in my mouth, in my stomach like now. The food is cooked perfectly, and I don’t know what it is about their salads but I could literally eat bowls of it. The taste was amazing. I love things with a lot of flavour and this dish right here did not disappoint the taste buds!


Obviously the sun was out so it was be rude not to order a cocktail… we went for the Minta Frozen. Which wasn’t the best decision ever made. If you think of drinking a garden, this drink right here would be it. I could taste grass (Sorry, I am honest….) I would narrowly avoid this drink. But then again, some people may like the taste of grass?

However, talk about customer service  because the waiter could see the look on our faces after our first sip and he just knew it was hurting the taste buds. He swiftly came over, smiled and said ‘shall we change these drinks girls?’ – Completely taking away the awkward task of us having to ask to swap our drinks. Ended up opting for the mojito and I can safely say it was one of the best mojitos I have ever had.


The prices are so reasonable, the food is amazing and the service is perfect and that is why this place has become my new favourite! It has such a quirky decor which I love and they even sell really cute beach bags and other bits inside. I feel like I’m on holiday when I come to this place, which is great because as of yet I have no holidays booked. (insert sad face) 

I am really fussy when it comes to food and restaurants so for me to recommend and love this place really says a lot! They have so many locations & branches – so wherever you are the next time you are heading to lunch, you have to try this place! You will love it. 

Can’t wait to go again already cause the cravings are strong……….. 

Happy eating people. xo 


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