My simple hair care routine that made me love my hair again!

If you know of me, you will know me and my hair have a major love hate relationship. Who am I kidding? It’s been a HATE HATE relationship for years. 99.9% of the time you would NEVER catch me without extensions, I wore (sorry lived) in them for years. I mean I had to hide the monstrosity that was my own natural hair. I have even rocked a mullet – think of a mullet having a blow-dry that your 90 year old Nan would have in the old school rollers. Yep, you got the picture? Great. 

As much as it pains me to admit, and I mean really pains me – my mis-hap hair was at fault of my own neglect and abuse. I never used to have broken damaged hair until I decided to start experimenting like I was some qualified stylist at eleven years old.

Anyways…it has seemed for years I could not get past the bob length. My hair would literally just be like “I’m good, Ima chill here” and I’m like “why can’t you just chill a bit further down, like maybe on the boob?”  its comfy there……..

I was stuck with my bob hair which I wanted to grow, but of course I continued to abuse it…endless change of hair colours (a girl gets bored) extensions in and out, over use of curling irons and straighteners. It didn’t end. Even becoming a fully qualified Hair Stylist (in real life) didn’t stop me. Like when would I learn??!!

It was upon my travelling days in oz that my hair obsession took a back seat…I don’t know what it is with travelling but you kinda just really don’t give a shit what you look like. Well, I didn’t anyway. Getting my straighteners and hairdryer out of my back pack (I hated that bastard thing) was a task in itself. I mean I used to have to unpack the whole contents of my life to reach my hair appliances, the struggle and effort was real. I do admit I had my mum post my hair extensions out to me, yes half way across the world (you can take the girl out of Essex……) but for once I didn’t depend on them, I think just like a comfort blanket, having them there was enough for me.

Slowly from then in 2016….I just starting liking myself a bit better. I was happier in my life, in myself and I thought you know what I AM GON BE HAPPY IN MY OWN HAIR. Preach it. Now in 2018, the condition of my hair is better than ever, it has SLOWLY but surely started growing. I mean I don’t want to brag but, I’m soon gonna be passed shoulder length. (Insert smug emoji) my broken sides are, well still shorter than the length but longer than ever and most of all I PREFER MY OWN HAIR even in all it’s shortness. I mean it is now longer than a bob so I’m doing something right.

It seem’s now gone are the days I have break downs, crying in the mirror (well no, they are still there but not about the hair anymore) I own what I have and work it and you know what I’m feeling it. It’s so nice to finally be content with my natural self.

So the whole point of this post apart from me rambling on? If you want your hair to not only grow but to improve in general then follow these simple rules…trust me, if they work for me of all people, they can work for anyone! If through these steps I got to a stage of loving my own hair then trust me when I say you can too!

MOROCCAN OIL is literally magic in a bottle. Buy some and stock up. It will become your new BFF! I buy mine from Look Fantastic they do the best deals! Since using this my hair has felt amazing and is growing!! If I do not use it, I really notice the difference. I apply mine when my hair is damp and I also apply it after I’ve styled my hair and just whenever I fancy squirting a pump tbh (lil bit addicted) also when you’re doing nothing and have a few hours to spare smother your hair in it and give yourself a scalp massage! I 100% believe that this product has changed my hair for the better! 

COLD RINSE – After conditioning your hair, rinse it off with cold water! Your hair will appear shinier. Even though not actually scientifically proven and muchly debated, for me it works and makes a difference. Try it. What ya got to lose?!

MINIMISE HEAT – Put down the straighteners and back away from the hairdryer…let there be days when you just leave your hair to dry naturally and sit in all its natural glory. I know, its gonna be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT. Do it during the week for work (who cares what you look like for work? I mean unless you work for some like corporate company, but still who cares…) you can style it out anyway. Chuck it in a bun, pin it back, do whatever you gotta do to work it girl! When I do use my irons now, I curl my hair and it usually stays for a few days. Keep heat appliances for special occasions and weekends only. You will notice the difference!

TANGLER TEEZERS/BRUSHING – I never used to use one, in fact in my whole hairdressing collection I never even owned one but since I got gifted one in my stocking filler, I can’t be without it. It gets knots out easily and pain-free. Brush from the bottom up, and don’t pull your hair! BE GENTLE!  Make sure you brush your hair before you go to bed too!

DRINK MORE WATER – That annoying fact that we always hear but don’t want to believe. It is true. Water makes everything better, hair included. I used to shamefully drink SO many fizzy drinks and since cutting back and introducing more water my hair condition has been better.

GIVE YOUR HAIR A BREAK – Take a break from colouring your hair and using hair extensions. Abuse of these things will never give you a happy ending. Let your hair breathe and give it some TLC. A few weeks/months grinning and bearing it, is so worth it in the long run! And is better than enduring more years of broken, damaged, non growing hair

REGULAR TRIMS – I personally don’t believe you need them every 6-8 weeks (and that’s coming from a hairdresser) but when your ends are appearing split and dead, go get that trim! It pained me to keep trimming mine when I was trying to grow it, I felt like I was cutting off what I had grown, but in time by having regular cuts my hair was growing more quickly than ever and the condition was lovely! 

There are SO many other tips and tricks you can find online and use but just the above have worked and are working for me. I mean I have gone years with the same hair length and damage but since implementing the above, changes have occurred. Pictures below. Not just a coincidence?


You do not need to make fancy home-made products (even though I do use these occasionally, well when me mum makes them) or buy supplements etc…sometimes just giving your hair some TLC, down time and use of a few good products does just as well and doesn’t cost a fortune!

My hair as of yet isn’t where I wish it to be but finally I am certain it’s heading that way.

Wishing you all a hair journey full of love and hair flicks.


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