Living The Yacht Life || Weekend Fun

Last week it was my boyfriends 28th Birthday and I had zero idea of what to do or what to get him. Like how hard are men to buy for?! Especially when you have been with them for what seems like 100 years. Idea’s sure do run out! 

I last min managed to sort out his presents which were a bit of disaster (typical) …..but what’s a birthday without actually doing something for it?! I wanted to do something different, not just a generic meal as always! I was thinking about a night away (purely because our life is usually confined to the loft room, where we watch years worth of tv series and don’t move) but I really didn’t want to just book any old hotel for the sake of it, I really wanted it to be something different and fun! 

I remembered the boyf had in the past mentioned yachts (mainly that he would love to own one, like yeah who wouldn’t!) unfortunately and sadly I’m not rich and cannot buy him a yacht (just yet….I have high hopes for my future lol) …so instead I set upon my mission to search yachts in London, you know just incase there was a chance you could experience the yacht life, erm on a budget. That’s if yacht’s even existed in London, like I am completely clueless. 

Knowing my good friend Google would have my back, I came across The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel– a yacht anchored up and situated in the London Docklands. *hallelujah!*

I was expecting it to be quite a lot of dollar, so I was quite surprised that for one night it was only £120! (Although I am sure prices will vary)

We attended for our over night adventure last Friday and I wanted to share how impressed I was with this Yacht Hotel (plus my boyfriend seemed really impressed, so extra girlfriend points for me, yay. It’s my birthday soon, cough cough.)

*Quick disclaimer: Please do not judge my photographic skills..I left my camera at home and had to make use of a cracked iPhone! It had been a longggg week, cut me some slack!*

Upon approaching the yacht, you have to enter into a lift which takes you up the reception. Entering the reception you are greeted with doubled off stairs and a huge chandelier. (Like when I think of a yacht, I think of those stairs so yeah, I was pretty impressed!)

We checked in and headed to eye up the boudoir and upon heading to the room, I really liked that you needed your key card to get through everywhere (I get paranoid about random folk entering the premise) … The room itself was really surprisingly big! And I LOVED the large mirror for my own vain reasons. 

The bed was also huge (which is great when your boyfriend has annoyed you and you want some space) and in the bathroom/ shower room they supplied Molton Brown hand & body wash – like who does not like Molton Brown?! 

Our view wasn’t amazing because I got us the dock view (what I’m on a budget) and I hardly expected either of us to stare outside the window the whole night. Plus I didn’t think he would even notice. He did….

They do serve dinner on the yacht, but I’m the worlds fussiest eater so we had to swerve that one, but I’m sure if you’re just a normal person, with normal taste buds you will want to eat there! 

Because of my fussiness we decided to head for a little walk and found a local restaurant, so we plotted up there and had some food and a beverage!

After that we headed back to the yacht and went to the bar, which was really scenic and had such a relaxed, chilled out vibe. I also loved the decor inside, it had really nice lights on the beams and a mirrored ceiling. I am all about the details. 



We got to the yacht quite late so the evening kind of just flew past and we had the o2 climb (yes another present from me, I’m good like that) booked for 11.30 am the following morning, so we didn’t want too much of a late one! So after our drinks we headed back to the room! 

The sleep wasn’t great, at no fault to the hotel, my boyfriend had the worst cold so I had to endure him sniffing & huffing and puffing the WHOLE night (why are men sooooo dramatic when they get man flu?!) If that was not enough, in the morning I found myself with my head down the toilet vomiting numerous times. My boyfriend thinks it was the 3 spritzers I chugged down, but I beg to differ. (Could I really be that much of a light weight?) My stomach was churning, my head was pounding and I was feeling super sorry for myself. If that wasn’t enough it was snowing outside and like minus 3 degree’s.. frostbite, being sick and having to endure my fear of heights just was not seeming a good idea, so unfortunately we called off the climb. It was for the best. 

Because of the state of me we decided to get ourselves together and head home pronto (the drive home was soulfuly painful)

Regardless of the morning mishaps and things not quite going to plan, the evening itself was really enjoyable and such a unique experience, one that I recommend anyone to try!

The Yacht Hotel is in a perfect location, within walking distance to a train station (so easy access to central London) which is great if you want to do something alongside the Hotel! It is also not far from the O2 (you can see it opposite) and you can get the cable cart over which only takes like 10 mins (if that!) 

All in all its just a really unique gift idea! And it is just really fun in general! 

I enjoyed living the yacht life for a night (even though I’m sad I didn’t check out the spa!) …hopefully one day I can make the yacht life a regular occurrence & own one myself but for now I will keep dreaming & keep working!

If you guys know of any cool, unusual over night stays then share the love below or drop me an email! I’m always on the look out to try something new. If you decide to head to the Yacht Hotel let me know your thoughts! 

Here’s to fun times doing different things! Happy Camping People! 

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