Feb Fashion Faves! || My Bargain Buys

Hey Guys!

Been a bit MIA, life is just going really frickin fast, I feel like I have had no time to breathe! And I’ve been real busy spending my time browsing online & buying myself more stuff that I don’t even need…

As as you will already know, I pride myself on my bargain finds (it’s an obsession) disclaimer: I do not class myself as a “fashion blogger” & probably do not have the most amazing fashion sense….but I just feel really proud of myself when I find good shit for real cheap!!

Feb was a month of bargain buys & my wardrobe game right now is strong. You don’t need to spend loads of money to have nice stuff. I won’t list everything I got my hands on, cause we could be here a while (I told you, it’s an addiction) but here’s some of my fav pieces of what I snapped up!

Front Tie Shirt Dress

From: Primark

Price: £12.00

True to Size?: No. I’m usually a 6-8 but I got this in a size 10 & it fits perfectly. Size up is needed!

Thoughts: I’ve never been one for the shirt life but I really liked the tie detail on this! I didn’t have much faith, because I don’t rate primark’s shirt (the material isn’t always great) …but I’m really impressed with this! Perfect for casual wear or evening dressy! Win win!

Slogan Tee

From: Bershka

Price: £5.00

True to Size?: Yes!

Thoughts: I’m a sucker for a slogan tee…& I’m on a self love journey right now, so I instantly NEEDED this! I won’t lie though, I have a collection of T-Shirts that I NEVER wear. I need to break out of the jumper life…..but I love it, and the caption is definitely true😉

Star Studded Bag

From: Boohoo

Price: £6.00

Thoughts: I never buy myself bags or accessories….but when I was scrolling through boohoo I saw it for £6 & thought it was really quirky. I loved the stud star detail & the chain! I did expect it to be a big bag, so I was little disappointed when it was something more of the size suited to the borrowers! But I don’t have any small bags so it’s done me a favour! Switch it up!

Knit tie jumper

From: Boohoo

Price: £5.00

True to Size: Definitely need to get a size up! Mine is very tight & snug!! It’s wearable but for comfort I wish I went a size up!

Thoughts: I’m a knit wear/jumper addict! (My friend legit moans at me when we’re shopping if I pick up a jumper “Do you really need another one?!” ……Why so negative please?🤷🏼‍♀️)They are easy for the lazy life! No outfit planning required, just throw on & go! I loved the tie detail & I have no tan colour knits & at £5 it was a no brainer! It’s super warm too!!! Comfort happy!

Printed Crop Jumper

From: Primark

Price: £7.00

True to Size?: Yes!

Thoughts: Primark’s sweats are on point at the moment! I don’t really own any casual printed jumpers to match up with trainers..so I’ve been trying to invest more in the sweat life! This jumper is super warm & I love the colourings!

Satin High Neck Top

From: ASOS

Price: was £30, now £12! (Link below!)

True to Size?: Yes!

Thoughts: I haven’t been out in forever (I’m such a grandma) so I haven’t been able to wear this yet! But I cannot wait too! I love the colour & the whole style of the top. I love the high neck element & the tie back & frilled sleeves & shoulders. It’s super classy. Skinny fit jeans, top knot, chain detail bag & tie up lace heels! Perfect combo! Get it here

Rope Tie Sleeve Hoodie

From: Primark

Price: £7

True to Size?: Yes!

Thoughts: Really warm & comfy….perfect to pair with my some trainers for chill days! Love the rope arm detail, surprisingly nice material for being so cheap!

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