Brinley Williams – Personalised Mug Review!

So I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Brinley Williams and I was pretty excited to receive a personalised mug! 1) I am a major coffee lover (ok, addict, but hey who’s judging) and 2) I cannot get enough of personalised items! (Look how cute it is!)
And I am SO happy with my product and I cannot recommend this company enough!
And as we all know, I am a bargain buyer so I am happy to state that Brinley Williams prices are a far cry from expensive!


About Brinley Williams
Brinley Williams are an online based store that design and make personalised items. From Mugs, Aprons, Candles, Hoodies, Posters etc! They literally do it all! You could spend ages scrolling through their website, as they have SO many different designs available! 
Easy Ordering & Personalisation process! 
The website is so straight forward and easy to use, just simply pick the design you like, pick the colors of your choice and enter your text into the text box provided! EASY. AS. THAT!
Quick to arrive! 
Brinley Williams offer various Postage options that you can choose from and at a minimum cost too! I ordered my Personalised Mug on Wednesday evening and it arrived Sunday morning! The mug was securely packaged, so you can rest assured that your item will arrive to you in perfect condition! (You also get prompt emails keeping you up to date with the status of your order)
Personalised products are not always affordable, so I was quite pleasantly surprised to see how reasonably priced the items were! They have a budget to suit everyone, so whether you want to treat yourself or someone else this is the place to go! 
The product!
I am really pleased with the quality of the mug itself and the print is really sharp and clear! I spent a long time scrolling through the personalised mug section, unable to decide which one I wanted the most (I am so indecisive, it is a real problem) but after receiving and seeing my item, I am super happy with the choice I made! The designs they offer are so different to any I have seen before, giving that unique feel! Plus if you love a bit of a laugh, they have great designs that will make you giggle! They have personalised items for all occasions, so you will definitely find what you are after! They also do a Personalised Candle Mug, which I have never come across before – so I cannot wait to get my hands on that next! (P.s, I think they would make perfect Christmas pressies!) 
Head over to  Brinley Williams now to browse and order your personalised mug! 

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