My Skin Care – Bargain Must Haves! 

Skin care. It should be an important part of your life. However, if you are a lazy girl like me , it can sometimes not exist . (I mean it is EFFORT.)

However. I couldn’t take the weekly break downs I was having anymore (you know where you’re constantly complaining your skin is sh*t)

 Sadly I learnt there is no magic over night cure, so I had to be done with my laziness and get myself a much-needed Skin Care routine (and some products!)

Since my skin care routine had pretty much never existed (unless a makeup wipe counts) I was pretty clueless on what to purchase – but luckily to my sisters advice (thanks sis) and a bit of googling, I soon stocked up on what I needed( none of which broke the bank! Yup, we all know I’ma bargain buyer)

The products

I use the Body Shops “Aloe” range which is for people with sensitive skin (they do many ranges dependant on skin type) – I purchased the Calming Creme Cleanser which I use first to remove my makeup. I then use the Calming Foaming Wash, and then I finish with the Calming Toner. They are so gentle to the skin, and they leave your skin feeling so clean and refreshed. 

They consist of no added colour, alcohol or fragrance and most importantly –  The Body Shop do NOT test on animals! They are priced at £7.50 each or they usually do offers of 2 for 3! So for £15 you have all the products you need!

Since using these daily, my skin has improved so much and after seeing the results I actually look forward to doing my Skin Care routine now!

I also purchased the Soothing Rescue Cream Mask – this Mask helps nourish and soothe your skin. I usually use this either once a week, or when my Skin is really irritable and sore/itchy! It instantly relieves my skin and reduces any itchiness and soreness! 

My Skin lately has become a little bit oily, so I purchased the Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask. It deeply cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling fresh. I also notice my skin is less oily once I have used this, and it feels like it gets out all the crap in your skin!

To check out the Body Shop range click here

OK, so sudocrem has been something I have ALWAYS used. Now, some people call me crazy but I SWEAR by it. Whenever I get spotty skin, or if my skin is feeling irritable I smother myself in this before bed – when I wake up in the morning my skin literally looks nothing like the day before! (It is magic for me I swear) – it might not be for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it! This is my magic ingredient to good skin for sure!

Last but not least Castor Oil is one of my must haves! So I originally started using this on my eyelashes and eyebrows (researching online states it aids the growth of them!) and it really works for me! I also put this Castor Oil on my scalp where my baby hair is and sleep in it! But when I read about it more, it states it is really good for skin too, so once a week I put it on my face before I go to bed and my skin feels amazing the next morning! I got mine from amazon for a POUND!

So ladies, if like me for a long time you lived by make up wipes or if you’re  looking for new Skin Care products to try that won’t leave your purse empty I highly recommend the above!

I still hope one day they invent a magic pill for instant radiant skin but for now the above will do me just fine!

If use can recommend any products that I NEED to try then hit me up! I am all about this Skin Care life now!

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